MovAide is a FREE web based platform where you, the relocating customer, can book a moving company that provides the exact services you require.

Unlike other moving labor websites, there is no hard to navigate website to book a mover, no charges withheld until you provide a review and the price quote is the actual amount charged by the moving company without large dollar amounts added to the price by the brokering website without your knowledge.


Prior to filling out the Service Request Form below please read our Terms of Use regarding Information on Payments, Cancelations, Notifications and more.
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Once you have submitted the MovAide Service Request Form, we will locate the best available moving companies that supply the services that you requested in your area. Upon acceptance your payment for service is collected. Your money is held in escrow until you call us stating your move is completed. Once your move is completed we will release payment to your MovAide provider. If your move goes over the hours booked when you call to release payment, the overage will be added to your final charge.

**Important Moving Suggestions**

1. Provide at least 1 Furniture Pad per piece of furniture on one way moves!
2. Empty all dressers and night stands. This prevents damage and helps ensure your movers do not injure themselves or get hernias. Plus these items may be stacked upside down.
3. If possible disassemble beds, disconnect appliances, unbolt the legs or pedestal from your dining room table top and have all boxes closed and taped shut.

**All of these suggestions save you TIME and MONEY!**
**Being prepared and totally done packing before your movers arrive is very important to save you TIME and MONEY which also insures your movers make it to their next job on time.**
**It is important you reveal any details not entered into your submission to your moves so they have no surprises when they arrive.**
**NEVER supply payments of any kind to movers other than gratuities**



Movaide will provide a moving company in your area that supplies the services you requested. Upon acceptance of your Movaide provider, you will submit payment for the services you requested. You will receive an invoice with your MovAide providers contact info. We urge you to call them and discuss your moving details. Upon completion of your job, call us to release payment to your MovAide provider and/or to add additional time used on your move.


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