MovAide is a web based platform where you, the relocating customer, can book a LAST MINUTE move with a moving company that provides the exact services you require.

Unlike other moving labor websites, there is no hard to navigate website to book a mover.

MovAide is designed to find a LAST MINUTE moving company to assist you in the event you have an emergency situation that arises. This includes, but not limited to, evictions, relationship separations, moving company no shows or refusal to do your move after arrival for example.

Although this site is designed for LAST MINUTE moves, it is possible a moving company may be contacted to reserve a move at a future date and time.

How MovAide works: 

  1. Create your FREE account
  2. Fill out the MovAide Service Request Form and hit submit
  3. You will be redirected to submit your secure payment
  4. Once your one-time service fee of $29.99 is processed a list of AVAILABLE movers at that moment will appear that service your area
  5. Because this is a real time availability of LAST MINUTE movers, your list is visible for 2 hours as availability is changing every minute that passes
  6. Once your list of available LAST MINUTE movers appears you will see their company name, contact information, price and rating/reviews
  7. Then you may contact as many as you wish until you find the moving company of your choice

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